Meet Binyomin Bendet

Meet Binyomin Bendet

About me


Born and bred in South Brooklyn, Binyomin Bendet lives and works in the community where he grew up – the one he now hopes to serve on the New York City Council.


I've always been a strong and outspoken advocate for the rights of others, both in my childhood adventures on the schoolyard and as a litigation attorney representing the needs of businesses and individual clients. My professional experience allows me a keen understanding of the social and economic issues facing our city, of South Brooklyn in particular, and how best to address them.



Why City Council?


I still live near my childhood home in South Brooklyn with my wife and young son. I have been involved in community service for many years, attending community board meetings, gathering signatures for election petitions, and assisting in successful political and judicial campaigns. But it was the example of my father, Mayer Bendet, who passed away last June after a lifetime of working tirelessly on a variety of public causes, that inspired me to devote myself to government service by running for the City Council.


If elected, I intend to represent the needs of the diverse mosaic of residents in the neighborhoods that comprise the 48th District (Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Homecrest, Trump Village, Luna Park, and Brightwater Towers). The city is badly hurting from the effects of the coronavirus shutdowns, and I want to make sure that Brooklyn comes back stronger, safer, and better than ever. My belief in fostering a sense of cooperation and understanding between various sectors of the community is based on the ideal that when quality of life improves, everyone benefits.


How Can I Help?


At a time of increasing political division and decreasing civility in the public sphere, I can bring my personal integrity and unique ability to engage with others to the halls of the City Council. Fairness and transparency will be the base of any agenda that agenda that includes my signature. Recently, I worked to counter the unlawful and divisive targeting of Brooklyn’s Jewish community by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio in the name of fighting coronavirus.  As part of that effort, numerous requests were filed under the Freedom of Information Law, a key tool for holding the government accountable- and one with which I have extensive legal experience.  


Issues We Face

My legislative priorities in the City Council are:



Our district needs a tough representative to fight for more funding for special education, busing, and meals for all students who need them, and to maintain the right of private schools to tailor their own curricula.


Donate Now!

Our campaign relies on your donations and eligible matching funds. 

For every dollar any NYC resident donates our campaign receives 8x that amount from the City.  (ex. for a donation of $175 we will receive $1575) While a max donation of $1000 we will  receive $2400.

Every dollar counts!



Thank you for your interest in Binyomin Bendet. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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